Terms and Conditions

The fact of spending to us an order, supposes the acceptance without reservations of the following conditions:


Offers:The client will not be able to consider in road surface his order until we should have given him our conformity.

Transports: Our plants are sold, taken in our store and they travel round account and risk of the buyer.


Packing and Claims: The packing and transport will always be due to the buyer, stopping our responsibility on having delivered our goods to the transporter, without becoming responsible for the damages that could happen for changes of temperature or for negligence of the transporter company.


In case of claim, this one will have to us to do in the first eight days from the date of reception of the plants.


Take root: Our norm is to serve well and to win clients, but we cannot become persons in charge for an evil take root of the served plants, since it can obey multiple causes difficult to determine and generally foreign to our responsibility.


Prices: Prices are understood without I.V.A


Error Varietal: In case of fruit-bearing plantations, only there will make use plants of our safe vivero in an excessive absence of a concrete variety.


One will always be rigorously careful in avoiding mistakes in tags and grafts. In case of producing to him some involuntary error, the client will only have right to the replacement of the plant or his re-grafted one, as soon as the error was verified, without any other type of indemnification.


Advances:The persons not related to this house, will have to anticipate us the half of the amount of his order or indicate us person or commercial house that it should guarantee them, without admitting orders lower than 300 Euros.


Banks: The amount of our invoices will have to be carried out to our name on the divisions of the Savings bank of the Mediterranean, Banco de Sabadell and Banco de Valencia, all of them in nules (Castellón).


Retreat of the plants: It will be considered that the person who should sign the delivery note of retreat, is expressly authorized for it a representative of the buyer, who simultaneously is the only person in charge of the corresponding payment of the above mentioned goods.


Litigations: In case of litigation it would be solved in the courts of this square.

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