Agave parryi var. huachuensis T-20 - Ref.:04106-1-20 | Agaves and aloes

Agave parryi var. huachuensis T-20

Agave parryi var. huachuensis T-20 - Ref.:04106-1-20
This cold-hardy agave is compact with round rosettes consist of grey leaves .When mature it can be 50-60 cm tall and wide. Although it is slower than other Agave parryi is more frost resistent and tolerates better the humidity. Leaves have marginal teeth as well as a stout spine on the tip.It must be planted in well-drained soil and provide monthly irrigations.It's convenient don't water it too often in winter to improve its resistance to cold temperatures.It is desirable to avoid the snow that accumulates inside the leaves. Tª min approx -15/-16 ºC.


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