Nolina longifolia CT-80 lts AA - Ref.:04150-AA-80 | Other desert plants

Nolina longifolia CT-80 lts AA

Nolina longifolia CT-80 lts AA - Ref.:04150-AA-80

This species has long, strap-like and green leaves.A trunk develops overtime and When the flower comes out, two new heads sustitute the old one. It isperfect to be planted next to swimming-pools because of its soft end of theleaves. Plant in full sun or part shade, and allow ample space for growth. . Itmust be planted in well-drained soil and provide monthly irrigations.It'sconvenient don't water it too often in winter to improve its resistance to coldtemperatures.It is desirable to avoid the snow that accumulates inside theleaves. Tª min approx -14/-15 ºC.