About us

At first it began with the production of fruit trees and citrus for commercial plantations. Litle afterwards it started also the activity in Extremadura, in the area of the "Badajoz Plan" newly used for the first time.

With the step of the years, and due to the unrest and the love for his profession of Ramón Canós, the company kept incorporating more ornamental plant in its production every time.

In 1977 Juan Francisco Espinosa, agricultural graduate and nephew of Ramón Canós, he settled in the facilities of Extremadura and saw about the nursery in this area, wich generates the begining of a strong expansion.

Later, in 1983 his brother Ramón, also agricultural graduate, joined the direction of the nurserery in Nules, which provoked a new stage of expansion of the company.

In 2002, and lloking for a commercialization nearer to the end-consumer, the facilities of Villajoyosa (Alicante) wew inaugurated. These facilities that have consolidated as a point of distribution of the products of the company, of own production as well as of commercialization..

In 2004 was given the international jump with the acquisition of some lands in the area of Currents ( Argentina ) and the creation of the society Land and Farming Exploitation of the Seven Currents.

In 2006 the society Plant Canós was already constituted in the group, a point of sale with vocation of service and supply to individuals and professionals of the region of Castellón and surroundings
During the year 2010 the enterprise staff increased with the incorporation of Juan Francisco and Ramón daughters, Maria Rosa Espinosa and Elena Espinosa, as well as Ramon's son, Ramon Espinosa Jr.
Every year we participate in some of the most prestigious plant-shows of the nursery business as:

  • Iberflora (Valencia, España)
  • IPM-Essen (Essen, Alemania)
  • Salon du Végétal (Angers, Francia)

The work done during all these years wouldn't have been possible without the collaboration of many people, therefore, we do not want to leave the opportunity to thank them here.
First of all we want to honor and to be grateful to Ramón Canós for the illusion that could transmit us for this profession that was quite for him. His intuition, dedication, knowledge and it continued that learning is for us a doctrine of forced fulfillment to be able to progress in our office.

Important figure also has been our mother, Rosa Canós, who was always sharing the decisions in difficult epochs and was the constant support next to his brother Ramón.

On the other hand also we are grateful for his attitude to all those persons who have worked with us in these 50 years. Names as those of Plácido Miranda, Juan of the Cross, Santiago Chamizo, between many others, are for us synonymous of honesty and loyalty. All those that acted as bona fide left his trace marked in the company and in us.

Our wives and family have been another prop of our stability, which with his comprehension and support have been those who have made us overcome the difficulties of every day.

A person who always gave us good advices and could transmit us desineresadamente a part of his experience has been our friend the Father Vicente Mundina. He knows of our full appreciation.

Finally, the deep gratitude to our children, who with his interest to be implied give us the stimulus that is always
necessary to keep on growing. Soon you Elena, Mª Rosa, Cardigan and Ramón can start being the protagonists of next 50 years.

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