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Ornamental shrubs in pot

Potted trees

At the time of choosing the species of trees that we are interested in planting, there are plenty of options. The first thing is to select the growth of the species and the final size that interests us to have. In the second place, it is essential to decide whether you prefer a perennial or deciduous tree. The characteristics of irrigation, color of the leaves according to the time of year and flowering come llater. The same thing happens when selecting shrubs in the garden or for the design of hedges.


Other main characteristics would the type of soil and the proximity to the sea since all these variables essential to do a good selection of the species that we want to plant. Depending on the time of year that we find that the trees can be purchased in three different formats:


  • Rooted in pot: which ensures a supply throughout the year.
  • In rootball: digged from soil to plant directly. Requires a quick management and it is not always possible as there are species which cannot be sale without pot and rooting. The time of the year will depend on each variety.
  • Bare rooted: only some varieties accept these conditions and require a quick management between the digging and planting in its new location. This system is suitable for the winter months.




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