The world of the bamboos is an exciting world full of varieties and colors. Many of these varieties are tropical so that is why it is not always possible to plant them in our climate. This is the case of varieties of large canes that are used as decoration. However, within the varieties adapted to our climate, there are a variety of colors of canes, designs, color and size of the leaves .The varieties more resistant can stand temperatures of -15/-18 ºC. Given this resistance to low temperatures, turns out to be a great plant for cold climates as it is very rustic and maintains the green color throughout the year. Does not require special care but it is preferable to have a reduced  and frequent irrigation. One of the drawbacks is the way how the roots run on earth but this is not a problem if they are limited by special fabrics or with building walls. The bamboo renews the leaves approximately twice a year. It is not advisable as indoor plant because the lack of light may cause the fall of leaves.
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