Olive trees and other mediterranean plants

Big bonsai olive trees

Olive trees bonsai

Olive trees old skin

Olive trees specimen

Young olive trees

The olive tree is the tree by excellence in Spain. Throughout the country you can find millions of them of any type and age. In each region different varieties are grown and each one has its traditional pruning type which in the end makes the olive trees in each region different from the others. The purchase of an olive tree is something personal, almost a crush. There are high, short, with straight trunk, with twisted trunk, with traditional forms or much more natural and twisted, etc. All of them are unique so there are no beautiful or ugly olive trees, each one tells it own history.

The olive tree brings harmony and elegance to any garden. It is a tree respectful with its environment. It does not raise the ground with the roots nor is it harmful to any other plant of the garden. If the trunk is illuminated correctly, it turns into a living sculpture providing glamorous decoration to the whole garden.

One of the main virtues of the olive tree is its enormous capacity for adaptation and resistance. This same capability of survival is what allows some specimens to live hundreds of years. Their care is not complicated and can be easily adapted to cold climates, always considering a proper protection for the winter if necessary. It is always advisable to be planted with good drainage since the excess moisture makes it more sensitive to low temperatures.

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