Special specimens

Southamerican trees

In our nursery of Argentina we are specialized in the preparation of specimen trees. Given the subtropical climate of the area of Corrientes, the range of species that can be found is very broad and interesting. The trees in this area grow quickly and reach large size. In our case and given that we have the necessary machinery, we have the possibility to remove the trees that have grown too much and can be harmful or annoying to neighborhood. These trees are pruned conveniently to ensure its survival and a good transport to our nursery where they would be potted and rooted. In this way they are given a second chance and saved from an almost sure logging.

The most common varieties are: Chorisia Speciosa, Chorisia insignis, Tabebuia ipe, Delonix regia, Pelthoporum dubium, Enterolobium, Cecropia, Mangifera indica, etc. Some of these specimens are transferred annually to our nursery located in Spain to put them for sale but in most of the cases are sent directly to the country of destination.

On the other hand, in our nurseries of Spain we always try to offer new varieties in specimens measures of rare and uncommon species. In our catalog you can find Bouganvilleas, Dasylirion longissimum, Dasylirion wheeleri, Macrozamia, pandanus, cyca circinalis, Beacarneas, etc. Our goal is always to offer the customer new products with the highest quality standards.

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